From The East

“I am humbled and honored that you have elected me as your 2017 Master of Hartford Evergreen Lodge #88. I am looking forward to a great year. As this is “our” lodge, I would like more input from the craft. Anyone with ideas of events or programs, whether it is for the lodge, our brothers, or our families, please let me know. I feel that it is important to get our families involved. A happy family is a happy lodge brother. I also want to encourage anyone interested in helping out with our degrees, to reach out to me. There are many parts and opportunities to get involved. I would love to have everyone involved in our degrees. It’s not just for line officers. In 2017, I have several special events planned. These fund raiser dinners will not just raise money for some great causes, but will also bring brothers from other lodges into ours. Last year was a great start, bringing district and statewide attention to our lodge, and I would like to keep this ball rolling forward. I would like to see our lodge become the model lodge for the state. We can do it by working together for the common goal. The more involved you become, the more you and the lodge will grow. Here’s to a great year. Enjoy
your Christmas holiday.”